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Icon Overlord SB2 CE Women's Jacket

Price: $ 195.00
Constructed of a durable perforated textile chassis which house a full suite of D3O impact protectors. Every day on your bike is a high-risk mission; it’s time to acquire the necessary equipment.

Fit - Our attack fit jacket is designed with pre-curved arms to be tighter to the body and form fitting, making it aerodynamic and comfortable at speed. Its figure-hugging cut means this style could be worn over a T-shirt or other slim layer.

Conditions - Hot to Mild - Ventilation where you need it results in premium gear with maximum air flow and breathability for hot to mild riding conditions.

Lightweight material that has high resistance to abrasion and fatigue providing flexibility and a contoured fit.

  • FOCUSED TAILORING - Icon understands the core needs of the modern street rider. We pre-curve the arms and made it tighter to the body to be more form fitting and aerodynamic at speed.
  • LASER PERFORATION - Strategically placed laser perforations provide plenty of air flow allowing for ample ventilation. Perfect for warmer weather riding environments.
  • D3O® IMPACT PROTECTOR PACKAGE - SHOULDERS, ELBOWS, AND BACK - Includes a full suite of industry-leading D3O® Impact Protectors (shoulders, elbows, and back). D3O® unique technologies provide both enhanced protection and a versatile, flexible material for a host of shock absorption and impact protection. Delivering the most flexible anddiscreet protection on the market, D3O® consistently outperforms traditional foam-based materials.