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FMF Factory 4.1 RCT Slip-on Stainless Muffler



Price: $ 449.99 to $ 607.49
  • Slip-on muffler
  • RCT (Resonance Chamber Technology) features a patented core shape that lowers decibels while maintaining maximum power output
  • Internal ducts in the chambers of the RCT system increase internal volume for improved exhaust flow, resulting in power gains throughout the entire range of power
  • FMF's Factory Forward Engineering centralizes mass and is less prone to crash damage
  • Innovative rear end cap features simple installation of tuning tip inserts or spark arrestor with the removal of four screws
  • Compatible with stock header or FMF header
  • Meets AMA and FIM sound requirements
  • QuietCore 94db insert included
  • Spark arrestor included in muffler
  • Available in natural or blue anodized finish with titanium or carbon fiber end caps
  • Made in the U.S.A.

    Available Material combinations:
  • Ti/Ti/Ti = Ti silencer, Ti mid pipe, Ti end cap
  • Ti/Ti/CF = Ti silencer, Ti mid pipe, Carbon end cap
  • Al/SS/CF = Aluminum silencer, Stainless mid pipe, Carbon end cap
  • Al/SS/SS = Aluminum silencer, Stainless mid pipe, Stainless end cap