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Cobra Speedster Swept Exhaust



Price: $ 552.06 to $ 633.97
  • Grab some attention with these deep rumbling pipes
  • For increased low and mid-range power the Cobra PowerPort is included
  • 1-3/4 inch head pipes, full-length 2-3/4 inch heat shields to give the pipes the correct look are included
  • Heat shields will not discolor
  • Removable power cores
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Included Items
(1) Front headpipe w/heatshield
(1) Rear headpipe w/heatshield
(1) Exhaust bracket
(1) Regulator bracket
(5) #24 Hose clamps
(2) #28 Hose clamps
(1) 27-61 clamp
(3) 5/16-18x5/8 inch Hex bolts
(2) 6mmx20mm Hex bolts
(1) M10-1.25x80mm Bolt
(1) M10-1.25x60mm Bolt
(1) M10-1.25 Nylock nut

Note: Not all products are legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles. Check your local laws and manufacturers information.

Installation of a new exhaust system may change your motorcycles fuel-air mixture requirements. Please consult the exhaust manufacturer directly with questions regarding any modifications that may need to be made during, or after, installing their product. If a jet kit or fuel processor is recommended, see the Intake/Fuel section.

Exhaust discoloration (bluing) is caused by engine conditions such as cam timing, fuel-air mixture, operating temperature, etc. It is not the result of defective manufacturing; therefore it is not covered by warranty. See the Chems/Lubes section for products to help remove or prevent exhaust discoloration.