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Hot Cams Stage 2 ITR Exhaust Camshaft



Price: $ 111.76 to $ 150.07
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As the leader in innovation, design and development of aftermarket dirt bike, ATV, UTV high-performance camshafts, Hot Cams is certain to provide the added boost that dirt bike, ATV, and UTV enthusiasts are looking for.

Designed, dyno proven and made in the USA, Hot Cams performance camshafts are one of the most economical, reliable and easy to install ways to add a 5-10% power gain to dirt bikes, ATVs, and UTVs.
Additionally, every Hot Cams cam is:

  • CNC machined for an exact fit and lobe profile.
  • Created from 8620 billet, case-hardened steel.
  • Engineered by utilizing state-of-the-art valvetrain software.
  • Engineered to be drop-in cams that use stock valve springs.
  • Multiple stages to choose from for many of the most popular applications.
  • Requires no core exchange.

Stage 2 ITR exhaust cam. Dual cam engine. Great top end gains and good over rev. Uses stock valve springs. Uses stock auto decompression mechanism.