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Namura Top End Repair Kit



Price: $ 23.98 to $ 280.30
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Namura Technologies Top End Repair Kit comes with all the parts you need to perform a Top End Rebuild. All kits include the following parts: Pistons, Rings, Top End Gasket Kit, Wrist Pins, Circlips, Needle Bearings (depending on application), and Stickers.
  • Machined smooth piston crown to reflect combustion heat while reducing carbon buildup
  • Hard anodized piston crown with a hardness of HRB 105
  • MOS2 coating to draw heat through piston walls and out the bottom
  • Minimized piston expansion and contraction
  • Pistons are more resistant to wear and scuffing, expand less with heat and are stronger
  • Higher Performance piston without a higher price