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ARC Composite Flex Levers



Price: $ 48.88 to $ 57.62
    ARC's composite levers flex where aluminum bends. The ARC levers are lighter and tricker without sacrificing function - plain and simple.
  • Folding brake lever; designed to flex during impact.
  • Adjustable for hand size.
  • Uses a high-tech composite material; composite is a nylon matrix material with an impact modifier to make it less brittle and carbon fiber fill to make it lighter.
  • Brake levers have ball bearing located at the contact point with the master cylinder piston which greatly improves feel and function.
  • With bolt and sleeve that exactly matches the pivot diameter of the lever so to eliminate almost all up / down play for an O.E.M. bike fit.
  • Good ergonomic feel.
  • Quality hardware throughout the design.
  • Lifetime warranty.