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Cellularline Interphone Urban

Price: $ 112.49 to $ 242.99
Interphone Urban is the intercom for city use that’s dynamic, reliable, and compatible with all types of helmets on the market. With Interphone Urban, you can receive calls during your commute between work and home, and follow instructions from a Bluetooth® navigator to reach any destination safely and securely. Interphone Urban is also great for people who love to travel beyond city limits with their partners, because it provides the easy pilot-passenger communication that is essential for experiencing the excitement of the trip together. Thanks to its long battery life, traveling by motorcycle will never be the same. Interphone Urban is equipped with Bluetooth® connectivity for music and GPS navigation, as well as with FM radio. The easy-to-operate intercom provides a full set of functions and operates perfectly in any weather. Available in black with white keys and trim.

This includes the unit ONLY