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Vortex 530 Conversion WSS Warranty Chain and Sprocket Kit

Price: $ 179.34
Available Items:
  • All Vortex Performance Links chain kits are ready to install and require no chain cutting
  • Available with either a Vortex F5 rear aluminum sprocket or Vortex laser cut steel rear sprocket
  • Vortex Performance Links chains are made in Japan to the highest quality specifications in the industry
  • SX3 and RX3 series chains feature a tri-glide x-ring sealing system resulting in much longer wear life compared to standard o-ring chains
  • All chains in these Vortex kits include a rivet type master link, clip type links are also available (sold separately)
  • SX3 and RX3 chains and master links are also available separately, see the chain section of this catalog

"GFRA" (Go Fast) 520 conversion kits with a lower gear ratio are available for most popular models for faster acceleration, aluminum and steel sprockets available. Compare OE gearing to Vortex kit gearing to verify gear ratio differences.

"HFRA" (Hyper Fast) 520 conversion kits with 1 down in front, 2 up in rear gearing with Hardcoat aluminum rear sprocket.

"HFRS" (Hyper Fast) 520 conversion kits with 1 down in front, 2 up in rear gearing with laser cut steel rear sprocket.

"SSA" (Superstreet) kits available for most later model liter and larger sportbikes, great alternative and longer lasting than 520 kits but lighter than stock.

"WSS" (Warranty) steel kits utilize OEM gearing and chain size for increased durability.